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Quality Specialist Assurance & Preservation

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Brunel GmbH

2023-01-29 03:31:13

Job location Doha, Doha, Qatar

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Job Contact: Brunel GmbH

Job description

Quality Assurance Quality Specialist is responsible for coordinating the implementation of Construction Quality surveillance program including reporting of statistics and recommendations for improvement; Leading and coordinating QMS audits with Contractor, whilst maintaining reporting relationship with all Heads of Quality position with respect to their area of assignment; Participates in EPC Contractor’s audit program for project audits (audit plan, schedule, checklist, reports, etc.); Provides verification that construction quality systems and procedures are implemented in compliance with the requirements of the approved Quality Management Systems; Monitoring and tracking project deficiencies and reporting quality KPIs to the management team; Promotes and monitors key processes such as Deficiency Reporting, Specification Deviation Request, Non-conformance Request, Corrective Action Reports, etc; Provides regular Quality training to Project management team including new hire induction; Establishes and implements Company Lessons Learned program and monitors EPC Contactor lessons Learned program; Leads Company oversight of Contactor Flawless execution plan and training; Develops and issues Internal Quality reporting for all Assurance through Engineering, Procurement and Construction. Preservation The Quality specialist provides oversight of the Preservation Compliance program to maintain integrity of equipment and materials for the project; Work with the EPC contractors to ensure their preservation processes and plans are robust, fully documented and appropriately resourced. Provide oversight on the contractors’ preservation systems to ensure the documentation systems align with their preservation plans. Identify if gaps exist between the preservation plans of different contractors and or contract scopes. Work with commissioning and start-up to ensure preservation processes and documentation compliment commissioning and start-up activities. Provide single point contact for information and guidance when conflict arises pertaining to the overall care of equipment between interface owners. Provide guidance to the EPC contractors in their development of Preservation Management Procedures, Preservation Activities Tracking and Reporting and turnover documentation.

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